The Norwegian Cancer Symposium


-       from a prostate cancer perspective

May, 2nd-3rd 2022
Oslo, Norway

This 2-day symposium brings together top-ranking researchers, clinicians, industry and policymakers.  We aim to strengthen collaboration and overcome hurdles for implementing molecular tests in precision medicine.

Registration re-opens autumn 2021

We have been monitoring the escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic. To meet you face-to-face and to ensure that everybody get the chance to join us and stay healthy and safe is of great importance for us. We have therefore decided to postpone The Norwegian Cancer Symposium «Sustainable Cancer Care Using Molecular tests - from a prostate cancer perspective» till May, 2nd-3rd 2022.

Take care and stay healthy.

Welcome to Oslo next year.

Stacy Loeb (US)
Nicolas Mottet (FR)
Derya Tilki (DE)
Himisha Beltran (US)
Johann de Bono (UK)
Jason Connor (US)
Henrik Grönberg (SE)
Ian Mills (UK)
Rob Bristow (UK)
Wytske van Weerden (NL)
Olli Kallioniemi (SE)
Arul Chinnaiyan (US)
Mark A. Rubin (CH)
Guido Jenster (NL)
Johan Skog (US)
Hege Russnes (NO)
Johanna Olweus (NO)
Håvard Danielsen (NO)
Heidi Lyng (NO)
Rolf I Skotheim (NO)
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The speakers will cover topics on how molecular tests can enable sustainable and cost-effective precision in the clinic, how to exploit the complex interplay between tumour and microenvironment, and tools to discover and validate clinically relevant biomarkers.