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Norsk Hydro's Fund for Cancer Research is dedicated to support work at the Institute for Cancer Research at the Norwegian Radium Hospital. The funding stems from an original donation from the company Norsk Hydro at the time when the Institute was founded, in 1954. The Fund is now financing a bi-annual series of meetings entitled "The Norwegian Cancer Symposia", to be organized by the Institute. 


The Norwegian Cancer Symposium 2021 is the 8th in this series, and previous meetings have covered the following topics:

Stalheim 2007: Intracellular Transport and Signal Transduction in Cancer Biomedicine 

Oslo 2009: Frontiers in Cancer Stem Cell Research: From basic science towards a cure

Oslo 2011: Growth and Proliferation - Molecular regulators of Cancer

Oslo 2014: Harnessing Innate and Adaptive Immunity in Cancer Therapy

Oslo 2015: Immunosystem and Microenvironments - Implications for Cancer Therapy (Young Investigator Workshop)

Oslo 2017: Precision Medicine 

Oslo 2018: Tumor-host relationship



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